Nursing Care


Mercy light hospital is re-known for her quality nursing care and provision of excellent patient services. Professionalism is an aspect we pride ourselves in. We take great care in recruitment and retention of nurses who are one-on-one committed to patient’s care that goes a long way to improving and maintaining the quality of the nursing care. The nursing care department is the hospital’s backbone in medical care giving patients a positive experience and a conducive environment for a quick recovery. Continuous improvement on medical care services and compliance to national and international standards and procedures in nursing has put the hospital in the regional map of medical excellence. To achieve that quality of care, procedures, policies and standards have been put in place using national and international benchmarks. We have a Quality improvement team {QIT} mandated by the management to handle quality evaluation on monthly basis. This category of staff manages the outpatient, inpatient, theatres, infection control, quality improvement, counseling, and other support tasks. They are headed by the matron.

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